Access to LIGO/Virgo data

Users with LIGO.ORG credentials are freely able to access all archived data either from local gravitational-wave frame files or over an NDS server. The module is designed to simplify this process for scripting, and provides the following functions:

check_flag(flag, gpstime, duration, pad)

Check that a state flag is active during an entire analysis segment

remove_missing_channels(channels, gwfcache)

Find and remove channels from a given list that are not available in a given cache of frame files

get_data(channel, start, end[, frametype, ...])

Retrieve data for given channels within a certain time range

Note, in most cases, calls to that are unable to read from a local source will automatically fall back to NDS. For users who wish to run omega scans over publicly available data, please refer to

For more information about data access, please see GWpy.