HTML construction

Almost all the command-line tools bundled with GWDetChar are designed to produce nicely-formatted HTML output with custom CSS style formatting based on Twitter Bootstrap. The output pages are constructed programatically using MarkupPy and a collection of custom python tools.

The module provides the following classes and functions:

io.html.FancyPlot(img[, caption])

A helpful class of objects that coalesce image links and caption text for fancybox figures.

io.html.new_bootstrap_page([base, path, ...])

Create a new page with custom twitter bootstrap CSS and JS headers

io.html.navbar(links[, class_, brand, collapse])

Construct a navigation bar in bootstrap format

io.html.get_brand(ifo, name, gps[, about])

Return a brand for navigation bar formatting

io.html.about_this_page(config[, ...])

Write a blurb documenting how a page was generated, including the command-line arguments and configuration files used

io.html.get_command_line([language, about, prog])

Render the command-line invocation used to generate a page

io.html.fancybox_img(img[, linkparams, lazy])

Return the markup to embed an <img> in HTML

io.html.scaffold_plots(plots[, nperrow, lazy])

Embed a list of images in a bootstrap scaffold

io.html.table(headers, data[, caption, ...])

Write a <table> with one row of headers and many rows of data

io.html.write_flag_html(flag[, span, id, ...])

Write HTML for data-quality flags

io.html.write_footer([about, link, issues, ...])

Write a <footer> for a bootstrap page

io.html.close_page(page, target, **kwargs)

Close an HTML document with markup then write to disk

All output pages feature basic contextual information for that analysis, including the full command-line needed to reproduce it. For analyses that require configuration files (e.g., omega scans), a separate ‘about’ page is written that displays each configuration file used as well as a table of package versions installed in the environment at runtime.

The module also provides functions specific to omega scan output pages:


Decorator to wrap a function with init_page and close_page calls This allows inner HTML methods to be written with minimal arguments and content, hopefully making things simpler

omega.html.toggle_link(plottype, channel, ...)

Create a Bootstrap button object that toggles between plot types.

omega.html.write_summary_table(blocks, ...)

Write a summary table in various formats for users to download

omega.html.write_summary(ifo, gpstime[, ...])

Write the Qscan analysis summary HTML

omega.html.write_ranking(toc, primary[, ...])

Write a table of channels ranked by their similarity to the primary

omega.html.write_block(blockkey, block, context)

Write the HTML summary for a specific block of channels

omega.html.write_qscan_page(blocks, context)

Write the Qscan results to HTML

For more information, please refer to these individual modules.