Gravitational-wave Detector Characterisation

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GWDetChar is a python package for gravitational-wave detector characterisation and data quality. It is designed for use with ground-based interferometric detectors such as the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO), Virgo, and GEO600.

To get started, simply import the core module:

import gwdetchar


GWDetChar is best installed with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge gwdetchar

but can also be installed with pip:

python -m pip install gwdetchar

Note, users with LIGO.ORG credentials have access to a software container with a regularly-updated build of GWDetChar. For more information please refer to the LSCSoft Conda documentation.


All code should follow the Python Style Guide outlined in PEP 0008; users can use the flake8 package to check their code for style issues before submitting.

See the contributions guide for the recommended procedure for proposing additions/changes.

The GWDetChar project is hosted on GitHub:


GWDetChar is distributed under the GNU General Public License.