Batch-mode utilities for omega scans, flags=[], tag='gwdetchar-omega-batch', submit=False, outdir='/home/docs/checkouts/', universe='vanilla', condor_commands=['accounting_group =', 'accounting_group_user = docs'])[source]

Construct a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) for a batch of omega scans


times : list of float

list of GPS times to scan

flags : list of str, optional

a list of command line flags to run for each job, defaults to an empty list

tag : str, optional

a helpful string to use to name the DAG, default: 'gwdetchar-omega-batch'

submit : bool, optional

submit the DAG to condor, default: False

outdir : str, optional

the output directory in which to store files, will result in sub-directories called 'condor' and 'log', default: os.getcwd

universe : str, optional

condor universe to run in, default: 'vanilla'

condor_commands : list of str, optional

list of condor settings to process with, defaults to the output of get_condor_arguments


dagman : Dagman

the fully built DAG object, colormap='viridis', nproc=8, far=3.171e-08, config_file=None, disable_correlation=False, disable_checkpoint=False, ignore_state_flags=False)[source]

Get a list of optional command-line arguments to gwdetchar-omega'{epoch}.detchar.user_req.omegascan', accounting_group_user='docs', timeout=0, extra_commands=[], gps=0)[source]

Get a list of arguments for Condor processing